Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Life is Beautiful 371.

Next day Ram went to his office.Lot of letters are waiting for him.Some for new contracts on his Channel and some for enquiry. Ram was happy about the development of his Channel over a period  of 5Years .His life is not only going beautifully but also very happily.He has got his job satisfaction even after his retirement as Professor.Today he is in to a Big market of Media ,Advertisement and public relation .Apart from Job satisfaction he was very happy after so many years he met his BeautifulVasanthy.By that time the Phone was ringing.Atkinson was on the other line.
Good morning Ram,How are you.Today i am receiving a Wonderful person from the  Tamil nadu,Madurai
Ram.Beautiful place.Surrounded with lot of temples
Atkinson.Yes,he is coming here at 12P.M.You can come to my room.I will keep the person's name suspense.
Ram.O.K.Iwill be there at 12P.M.
Atkinson.See you later.
After that Ram was busy with his day today routine.
Ram visited Madural long time back.Still he remembers the beautiful topography of madurai Chitrai ,masi,veli streets.Planned  city surrounded by beautiful temples.
Then he was busy in his day to day work.Exactly 11-50 he started to move to Atkinson's cabin.
That day Dubai was very hot out side.The traffic was  heavy out side.Every day Dubai is getting new faces to visit and relax.A Arab nation has developed very nicely with Multi culture Concept and about 204 Nationalities are living if i am right is no wonder .Ram entered in to Atkinson's cabin.
(to be Continued)
See You Next Week

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