Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Life is Beautiful 374.

After Raj's call Ram was concentrating his work for next day's schedule.By that time he received a call from Kathambari
Hello Ram,how are you
Ram.I am fine.Tell me
Kathambari.Today  Prasanna  spoke to me.His mother is improving and he will be coming  tomorrow.
Ram.Good news,How is your Mom
Kathambari.She is fine.Asking about you
Ram.Convey my regards to her
Kathambari.Sure,Why i called you now  today i am going  for the movie Dangal .If you are free in the evening you can join
Ram.Thank you .Tomorrow i have a  programme with Long man's and i have to prepare for that.Thank you for your invitation.I Was told this movie was a big hit
Kathambari.Yes,Many movies have come on sports subjects and Dangal  made a big impact.
Kathambari.True.AAmir khan always gives good message to society
Ram.yes.previous movie Tare Zamin Par was good.Good message he has given and i liked the way in the film wa filmed.If i am right Cinematographer  Setu has done a Wonderful job.
Kathambari.True.Lovely movie.Shankar Mahadevan's songs was nice.O.K.,Bye now
After that Ram was busy for  half an hour  then left the office.
The traffic was heavy because Ramadan started and every body rushing for Iftar Party.
Ali.This year too many visitors have come to Dubai sir
Ram.I read in the paper.Every yer Ramadan  is celebrating in a grand manner
Ali.True.I am seeing the improvement every year.
Ram.Today you can drop me in City Centre.After shopping i will go to my place
Ali dropped Ram in the City Centre and left
(tobe Continued)
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