Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life is Beautiful 372

Ram  entered in to Atkinson's cabin.He was waiting for Ram.
Ram please sit down.The Guest will be coming shortly.
Ram.No Problem,I will wait
Atkinson.He is on the way,because of traffic little late
Ram.Dubai traffic every day is increasing
Atkinson.Yes,Particularly Shaick Zayed road
Ram.More offices and the two leading news papers office located  is also one of the reason
By that time the Guest entered
Sorry Mr Atkinson ,i was held up in the traffic
Atkinson.No Problem ,Meet Mr Ram
Guest.Nice to meet  you Mr Ram.I am Madhavan from Madurai
Ram.Wel come to Dubai.
Madhavan.I heard about your Channel and Atkinson through my friend Lizioli.
I am running a Pharma company  in madurai.
Ram.Good.I  visited the beautiful City of Madurai three times when i was in India.Planned city
Madhavan.Yes.Apart from Pharma my Passion is writing.
Atkinson.Yes Ram.Madhavan is a Good writer.Particularly Investigation Stories his books was popular not only in India but also Other Countries
Atkinson.I was introduced Madhavan  by my Singapore friend Raghu.
Madhavan.Yes,Through Raghu i know Atkinson  .More than six years we communicate only .
This time i want to launch my Investigation Book in UAE Which i have written recently
Madhavan.For that Atkinson asked me to come to Dubai.
Atkinson.Yes Ram.Before going to meet i want to introduce to you .I have  read few books of  Madhavan.All are  excellent.
Ram.I am really very happy to meet talented Writer cum Pharma man.
Madhavan.No i am a simple man.Lizioli told me about you.Professor turned to Media,Advertisement,and Public relations and  above all you are good human being
Ram.Too much on me Madhavan.What ever i like i am doing.
By that time The Office boy brought Tea with Biscuits
(to be Continued)
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