Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life is Beautiful 314.

Next day Morning Vasanthy received a call from Ram
Good morning
Vasanthy. Very good morning pleasant surprise
Ram.Yes,  i have to go to India next week for two days .I can not come on friday for lunch.
Vasanthy.Which place you are going
Ram.Bengaluru.There i have to meet a new client.Atkinson called me yesterday and discussed my visit to india.
Vasanthy.When you said Bengaluru ,i remember our  meeting and the beautiful movie Sumaithangi which we saw
Ram.I can not for get that. Exactly twenty seven years passed.I met you two years back   in Dubai
Vasanthy.I never expected that i will meet you here
Ram.The reason i called you that i  won't be available on friday
Vasanthy.No problem,you can comeor lunch  f after your return from India
Ram.Sorry,i have dis appointed you
Vasanthy.Not at all.Job is important.
Ram.Thank you.I will call you after i  come .Careback
Vasanthy.Happy and safe journey.
Ram.Thank you
Vasanthy .,Which  flight you are going
Vasanthy.Today i saw in the news Emirates crew members gave a good performance in the Eden gardens stadium .It was nice.One of  the finest Air line
Ram.Yes. Tcare bye
Afterthat Ram was busy in his work.
Lunch time Prasanna came to his cabin
Prasanna.Sir,a small request
Ram.Tell me
Prasanna.I will give few pockets of saffron to my mother.Kindly give it to her.
Ram.How you know i am going to India
Prasanna.Mr Murthy has sent me  a mail to invite you for our company's function
Ram.I see,i will give it to your mother
Prasanna gave few pockets of saffron to Ram.
(tobe continued)
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