Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Life is Beautiful 315.

After finishing his official work Successfully in Bengaluru  Ram came to Mysore.Murthy  received him in the railway station.Ram loves train Journey and took the train from Bengaluru to Mysore.On the way Murthy ,
Ram how was your trip.
Ram.It was fine .I find lot of changes in Bengaluru.The weather has completely changed.Now Bengaluru is very hot.
Murthy.Very true.This year the weather is very hot.
Ram.Still Bengaluru is the destination to settle down.Many north Indians  were settled when i was in Bengaluru.
Murthy.Now   that numbers have increased. You can stay with me.
Ram.Thank you Murthy.I have already reserved in Dasaprakash Paradise.I will come to your house and Raj's house.Tomorrow what time your Office function.
Murthy.Ten thirty  in the morning.
Ram.My hotel has come .
Murthy.Ram ,you take rest .Morning i will come and pick you to our office.Raj also coming there.
Ram.Thank you for dropping me here.Good night see you tomorrow.
After  Murthy left Ram came to his  room which was booked earlier from Dubai.
By that time he received a call from the main hotel office
Sir,Mr Raj has come to see you.
Ram.Please send him
Raj entered  in to Ram's room was so happy to see him.
Ram,welcome to the Garden city ,after how many years you are coming.
Ram.May be three years.Mysore has not changed  much.The old houses , and neat station i still remember.How is your family
Raj.All are fine.You could have stayed with us.
Ram.Murthy also told the same.No problem,i am on my official visit.
Raj.I have forgotten to tell you  for the past few days Tomy was not well.Last week when i went to Murthy's place i saw.Murthy is really taking her on Tomy.
Ram.I can not for get Tomy as well Murthy's timely help to take care of Tomy.
Raj.You take rest.Tomorrow i will meet you in Murthy;s office.Good night.Now the time is 9P.M.
Ram.Good night Raj
(to be continued)
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