Monday, October 14, 2013

Life is Beautiful 186.

The moment Ram entered his house his mobile was ringing Ram took the Phone .Katham bari was in the other  line.
Good after noon Ram ,How are you.I have  sent a message this morning.Have you received
Ram.Yes,what happened.
Kathambari.One of our neigh bour was not well We have to take him to the hospital since he is staying alone here.His son is in Australia.
Ram.Good thing you have done Kathambari.Helping the Senior people will always gives happiness.
Kathambari.Both me and Mummy took him and  admitted in the hospital.He has to take few days rest.His son will be coming next week.
Ram.You are taking care of him.
Kathambari.Actually one  Anand was taking care.He is staying with him.But he has gone  to U.K.officially for one week.That was the reason we took him to the hospital.He is a very nice soft spoken person.He is retired from a Pharmaceutical company from India.His son came five years back to Dubai  he came along with him.Now his son has migrated to Australia.Sorry today we could n't meet for the lunch.I will keep in touch with you.Bye now
After that conversation Ram was thinking why his meeting with Vasanthy every time  post poningThen he consoled himself there must be some reasons for that .  But he always rememberVasanthy's pleasing smile and her attractive expressive  eyes.
Then he went to take  rest.After one hour rest  his phone was ringing.
Ram.Ram here who is that
Vasanthy.Ram i am Vasanthy
Ram could n't believe that Vasanthy is on the other line
Sorry Ram i  could n't meet you today.Kathambari might have explained to you.
Ram.Yes she spoke to me an hour back.
Vasanthy.Ram even though i am here my mind is there only.Love you Ram.Longing to see you.
Ram.I too,wanted to see my beautiful vasanthy.Love you.
Vasanthy.Hope to see you shortly.Some body ringing out side.Bye now take care
Ram.Bye ,you too take care.
Ram was very happy to hear the beautiful voice of his Vasanthy.The way in which she talks and explain things
he likes very much.But one question also came to his mind how long  he has to wait to join with his beautifulVasanthy?
SeeYou Next Week

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