Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life is Beautiful 188.

In this world getting a good sincere friend , Guide  is very difficult.Prasanna was lucky enough to have Ram as his friend,Philosopher and guide.His Mother has high respect for Ram.Her son came up in his life only because of Ram was her strong Conviction.Prasanna too have high respect for Ram .Prasanna was very happy  that he has spent few hours with Raj and his family.By that time his Mobile was ringing
Hello Prasanna ,How are you.Murthy was in the other line.
Prasanna.I am fine.How are you.
Murthy.I am very happy  here because my work was completed. .Today i met Ram and he was so happy to see me.He has conveyed his regards to you ,Mother and Raj's family.
Prasanna.Tell our regards to him .
Murthy.How is your work.
Prasanna.Fine sir,only i am missing you.
Murthy.I will be back  next friday.Bye now.
Prasanna.Bye sir.
He was happy that his Boss called  from Dubai.
Next day Raj went to his office  and forwarded the latest bomb blast of Bihar incident story to Ram.He got the acknowledgement from Ram mentioning good coverage Raj.Thanks for your periodical stories.
Raj was happy about Ram's reply.In  Media Profession one expects fast coverage and action.Raj  is very fast and at the same time he expects from the other side also.In his office also his Directors like him because of his authenticity,and presentation.Raj always proud of his friend Ram.From teaching profession to media
Ram proved his worth.He admire Ram about his simplicity,language and above all Punctuality.
By that time his phone was ringing .Ram was in the other line
Raj,thank you for all your mails and stories.
Raj.Iwas just thinking about you .Hundred years to you Ram.
Ram.Thank you Raj.My MD is very much impressed about your language.
Raj.Thank you.How is life in Dubai.
Ram.Fine.No hastles and struggle.Except the weather if you go out.
By that time Raj got another call
Ram i will call you after few minitues My office people calling.
Ram.O.K. No problem.Good night.
(to be continued)
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