Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life is Beautiful 298.

 Next day morning  Vasanthy . took all the important dresses ,jewels,and other important Silver vessels for the evening function.She called Venus restaurant and Confirmed the  evening menu and other items
for the evening function. Suddenly Vasanthy remembered she has forgotten to  go and  and invite the Bank manager of her bank Commercial Bank of Dubai even though she has sent the invitation by post.She wanted to go and invite him personally. After Kathambari went to office to remind her friends for the evening function Vasanthy took a taxi reached her bank.
She  entered the manager's room
Good Morning Mr Sulai man,How are you
Sulaiman.I am fine,how are you madam
Vasanthy.I am fine.Have you received my invitation
Sulaiman.Invitation ,what invitation
Vasanthy.My  daughter's wedding invitation
Sulaiman.I received one invitation few days back.But i could n't  recognize that is your daughter's.
Vasanthy.Oh,My god.This invitation my daughter Kathambari herself inviting.
Sulaiman.Sorry,i do n't know your daughter's name.
Vasanthy.For that reason only i have come.Please come tomorrow for the wedding.
Sulaiman.Certainly,i will come to the Auditorium.I too want to taste your Idly,Dosa and other items.
Vasanthy.Thank you,come with your family
Sulaiman.She has gone to Jordan.I will come.Have tea
Vasanthy.No,thanks.Just now i had tea.
By that time a new man entered in Sulai man's cabin to take a file.
Sulaiman.Madam,meet our new  Commercial manager
Sulaiman.He is  from India Mr Rakesh
Rakesh.Nice to meet you Then he took the file and left
Vasanthy was shocked to see his face.
After that Vasanthy left the Bank.While going in the taxi she was remembering the past days and never anticipated Rakesh in Dubai.
(tobe continued).
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