Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Life is Beautiful 299.

Next day the marriage auditorium was filled  with different dignitaries of various fields.Some of the local people who are friends to Kathambari enjoyed the  South  Indian breakfast Dosai,Idly,Vada by Venus caterers.Most of the guests from Media and Pharma industry.Kathambari was wearing  a Blue silk saree and Prasanna was wearing the traditional Dhoti and  both were looking very  good match and all the people blessed them.Vasanthy was also happy to receive her friend came from Chennai.
Vasanthy was introducing to Kathambari and Prasanna to her friends.Prasanna's mother never expected the marriage  like Indian  style with Pundits chanting mantras.After the Muhurtam Prasanna and Kathambari came to Vasanthy got her blessings.Then they went to  Prasanna's mother,Ram and others.Raj took many snaps .Murthy and Srivatsava was very happy to see their  Employee got married in  the Golden Country.Murthy has read Washingtanil Thirumanam story in Vikatan and now watching the real Dubail Thirumanam of Prasanna.All were happy exchanging wishes.
By that time Sulai man of CBD Bank came.
Sulaiman.Madam,i was little late.My car was broke on the way.Then Rakesh came and picked me  to the auditorium.Sorry for the delay.
Vasanthy.No problem,you are in time.Come have our Break fast.
At that time Rakesh entered the hall.
Sorry to disturb you Mr Sulaiman ,you have left your bag please take.
Sulaiman Wanted to introduce  him to Vasanthy.But Vasanthy  was talking with pundits.
Rakesh.No problem,i have to attend a meeting i am going.Bye
Rakesh left and  after that Vasanthy came.
Sulaiman.Break fast,sweets  all are delicious.I enjoyed
Vasanthy.After noon Lunch you should come and take
Sulaiman.Sure.My friend Rakesh i wanted to introduce to you.But he left
Vasanthy.I see,.
Then Vasanthy went to see the other guests
(tobe continued)
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