Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Life is Beautiful 300.

Evening the reception was nice and  all enjoyed the music of Bollywood  songs...The food was so delicious with two variety of sweets and North Indian dishes.Most of the Arabic guests enjoyed the Indian dishes.Atkinson was delighted with the crowd  especially many  dignitaries from Dubai government because of Kathambari's  contacts.Ram's friends was  also presented .Mr Lizioli could n't  attend because of some personal work. Vasanthy came to reatRam 's chair.
Ram,hope you are enjoying the programme.
Ram.Yes,i am enjoying.You made this wedding  a great event.
Vasanthy.Thank you.Prasanna's Mother  is very happy.Every thing is going in our  Style and tradition.
Ram.Yes,i was watching the Sweets,and other items you have exhibited  in the hall.
Vasanthy.Thank you.Kathambari and Prasanna looking very beautiful.
Ram.They are made for each other.
Vasanthy.What about us
Ram was smiling.
After that they went for dinner.
Kathambari came  to the Dinner hall with Prasanna.She was wearing Orange Colur silk saree with matching blouse.Prasanna was wearing  beautiful raymond green suit.He was  asking every body to take  dinner.
Murthy.We are all enjoying your wedding.Food is delicious.Decoration and your Mother in law's hospitality   beautiful.We never  feel that we are in a foreign country.
Srivatsava.Yes,Murthy is right.The arrangements,hospitality ,food  and our accomodation  is superb.
Prasanna.Thank you sir.Have dinner slowly.Enjoy your  dinner.
After that Prasanna and Kathambari went to receive the other guests.
(to be continued)
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