Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Life is Beautiful 375.


Life is Beautiful 375

After the purchase from City Center Ram took a taxi and reached home. He was so happy about the meeting of Madhavan and looking forward to meet him again tomorrow on the Long Man's introduction function.When he recollected his past life and how he landed in to the Wonderful Emirate she could n't believe that he is in the Opportunity Country Dubai.All by god's grace and above all  he met his beautiful Vasanthy after two and half decades.By that time his phone was ringing
Hello Ram,Sulai man here,how are you
Ram.I am fine.How are you
Sulaiman.I am also fine.Coming Sunday We are having a meeting  all Journalists and media professionals are attending.I am extending our invitation to you and Atkinson.I am sending the invitation to you and Atkinson by mail.Please attend.Bye now
Ram.Thank you.I will come there on Sunday.Bye
Sunday as it is no other programme for Ram.Tomorrow he is going to attend  Madhavan's function.So no problem for him to attend SulaiMan's programme on Sunday.
By that time he received a call.
Ram.Hello,Ram here
The other side was Vasanthy
Hi Ram,How are you.
Ram.I am fine.
Vasanthy.This Sunday are you free
Ram.Why Vasanthy
Vasanthy.I want to meet you.Long time i have not met you
Ram.Yes,I too want to meet you.But just now i received  an invitation for a meeting at AbuDhabi
Vasanthy.O.K.No problem.We will meet some other time.I am happy to hear your voice
Ram.Me too,my beautiful Vasanthy's Beautiful Voice not hearing for long time.Bye now
After that Ram was watching the T.V.
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