Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life is Beautiful 369

Evening Ram reached the restaurant.Atkinson and Lizioli already waiting for him.
Lizioli.Good evening Ram.I met  the doctor  and visit was very fruitful.He already instructed Ministry of health to order our products .
Ram.Good news.What is the product.
Lizioli.This is for Urography  and this product is our prestigious one.Good work done by Prasanna and team.I am very happy
Ram.In your b.day this news is great
After that they went in side the special room.
Lizioli.What ever you want order.I want first Tomoto soup.
Ram ordered for three south indian thali,which Liziolienjoyed last time.
After the wonderful dinner and desert  they departed from that place.
Lizioli told he will be visiting Ram's office tomorrow.
Atkinson.Thank you Ram,we will meet tomorrow and discuss  about Lizioli's proposal.
Ram.O.K.See you tomorrow.Good night.
Ram came out and waiting for Ali
Ali came .Sir ,you are waiting for long time.
Ram.No,i told you 8-15 P.M and exactly you came.let's go
While going Ali,
Today the traffic is less.i could come in time
Ram.Every day the traffic is increasing.
By that time Ram received a call.It was Prasanna
Sir,how are you.You met Lizioli
Ram.Just now we had dinner in Govinda restaurant and i am returning to my house.How is mother.
Prasanna.She is fine conveyed her regards to you.Raj and Murthy also asked you.I met my old friend in V.V.Mohalla and he was so happy.
Prasanna.After ten years i met him.
Ram.When you meet your old friends after a decade you will be very happy.
Prasanna.Why i called you  was i bought your favorite sweetsfrom Bombay tiffanys and you need any thing tell me.Tomorrow evening i am leaving.
Ram.Thank you.Sweets is enough.Bye now.
Prasanna.Bye sIr,see you day after tomorrow.
After that Ali reached Ram's house.
Ram.Good night Ali.
Ali.Same to you sir.
See you Next week

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