Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Life is Beautiful 425.

Prasanna received a call from his mother
Prasannahow are you ,Kathambari and your mother in law.
PRASANNA.All are fine mum.how are you.
Rukmini.i am fine.why I called you  today evening Raj uncle is coming to Dubai
I have sent some sweets and other items.Sweets  you give some to Ram uncle.
Tell my regards to every one.
Prasanna.o.k.you take care.
After that Prasanna was getting ready to go to office.By the time Vasanthy came to the Hall
Vasanthy.How is your mother.Any thing urgent.
Prasanna.Nothing today R am uncle is coming.Mum has sent some items and asking me to give sweets to Ram uncle.
Vasanthy.your mum likes Ram very much
PRASANNA.yes,she likes him for his quality,simple ness and above all his human nature.
Vasanthy.True.he is a great man
Prasanna.i am seeing as my god.He brought me to this position.
Vasanthy.yes,Kathambari too like him.
After that Prasanna and Kathambari left for office.
Vasanthy saw the time .it was 8-40a.m.She thought why not talk to Ram.
Normally Ali will come at 9.a.m to pick up Ram.she dialed his number
Ram took the phone.
Vasanthy.good morning Ram
Ram.what a pleasant surprise Vasanthy at this hour
Vasanthy.me too want not to disturb you.but I am forced to want to talk to you
Vasanthy.just now Prasanna complimenting you. I was thrilled to listen and forced to
Talk to you because I love you so much
Ram.what he told about me
Vasanthy.you only brought him to his today’s position and his mother has high respect and love and affection.
Ram.i am an ordinary person Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.for this n
Humbleness only I love
Ram.you too  have some impressive quality which I admire.i love you so much.
Vasanthy.Thank you Ram.after hearing your voice I am so much happy.i do n’t want to disturb you.
Take care and see you in few days,love you
Ram.same to you .bye now
After that R am came down.Ali was waiting for him.
Good morning sir,you are always punctual.
Ram.Thank you.Ali how was the first day of Ramadan
Ali.yes ,yesterday was the first day.it was nice as usual.fasting and prayers.
(To be continued)
See you next week

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