Thursday, June 16, 2016

Life is Beautiful 324.

Life is Beautiful 324.
Yesterday, 5:36 AM EDT (edit my post)
Ram was happy ,that Vasanthy missed him a lot and gave a cover asking him to go through.After washing he came to the hall ,opened that cover given by Vasanthy.
By that time bell was ringing.He kept the letter in the table ,opened the door.He saw one arabic man was standing out side
Ram.What you want sir,
Arab man, i am coming from a local daily of Abudhabi,,are you Mr Ram
Ram..Yes,Please come in side

He came inside
Arab man.We want to have tie up with your Channel for our clients advertaisement.
Ram.How you know my address
Arabman.My name is Sulaiman, one of our client told me about you.
Ram.I see.How you got my address.
Sulaiman.He also told you are staying in this apartment.Since i came this side for some important work ,i thought i can say hello to you.
Ram.Very nice of you.Tell me what can i do
Sulaiman. i want to fix an appointment with you and your management.Is it ok ,if i come tomorrow at 11AM.
Sulaiman.That's nice.You can come tomorrow to my office.\
Sulaiman.I will see you tomorrow.I knowr location.Sorry for the disturbance.Bye now
After he left Ram came and sat in the Sofa.Suddenly he rembered the letter.
When he came and searched the letter which he kept in the table,was not there. He was looking all the places,and searched down the table.By that time the letter he kept in the table ,gone down and now flying through the window out side his balcony.He tried his level best to stop but failed in his attempt.The letter gone with the wind.
Ram felt very sad
(to be continued)
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