Friday, June 3, 2016

Article 468.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE ON 4 June 16,(My Article 468)_

Friendly gift

The other day when I was about to pay my bill at a supermarket, I noticed an additional gift parcel added to my items.

When I enquired, the counter salesman pointed at a middle-aged person standing beside me. His face was familiar, but I failed to recollect his name. But by intuition I linked his name to a famous film personality.

When he greeted me, I recognised him by his voice and shouted in joy, “Abbas, when did you come to Bangalore?”

I knew him during the days I was working in the UAE. I used to jovially tell I would never forget his name, as it was the same as famous Bollywood director KA Abbas. He requested that I do not open the parcel until I reached home.

Controlling my curiosity, I waited until I reached home. The parcel had two pockets of dates.  I was so happy that my friend had gifted dates before the Holy Month of Ramadan. Whenever I used to meet him during the Holy Month in the UAE, he used to do the same.

Such good friends are indeed as sweet as the dates.
K. Ragavan

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