Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Life is Beautiful 322.

Friday after noon Ram reached Lizioli's hotel.Lizioli was waiting in the Lounge.
Hi ,Ram how are you.
Ram.I am fine.How are you.
Lizioli.I am fine.Waiting for guests.Hope they will arrive shortly.
Lizioli.How is your Channel.
Ram.By  god's grace going smoothly.
Lizioli.Your association makes our Company ,more popular in UAD ,particularly Dubai.
Ram.Thank you.
Lizioli.Today Media is playing a powerful tool to the people.
Ram.Yes,Media is a powerful one.But authenticity and reporting should be unbiased.We take care of this two important factors.
Lizioli.I know,that is why your Channel is very popular.
Bythat time  Vasanthy,Prasanna,Kathambari and Atkinson arrived.
Lizioli.Wel come my friends.
All entered  in to Dining hall.
Atkinson. It was a pleasant surprise for me.I never expected that you will come to Dubai
Lizioli.I could n't come for Prasanna's wedding, This time i came for some important work and i want to give a party for the newly married and good friends.
Ram.Atkinson,Lizioli was complementing our Channel.
Atkinson.Thank you.After Ram coming to our Channel ,he has developed in all areas viz,Sports,Entertainment,News,and Business.We are lucky enough to have  Ram with us.
Ram.Thank you for your Compliment.
By that time Waiter came with Drinks and Soups.
Vasanthy.Thank you for inviting me for this party.
Lizioli.Yes,You are very important for this.
(to be continued)
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