Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Life is Beautiful 321.

After Prasanna's call Ram was busy with his work.Evening  when he was going  to his house Ali asked him,
Sir,how was your trip.
Ram.Fine ,i brought you this Dharwad Peda for you.take it
Ali.Thank you sir,i heard about this famous sweet.
Ram.This sweet is  export ed many countries.
Ali.Indians are  popular in all fields sir
Ram.You are right.
By that time Ram received a call from Italy.It was Lizioli
Hi,Ram how are you.You attended the Silver jubilee function of Prasanna's Mysore office and your speech on Obesity was very nice.I got it through Murthy this Morning by mail.
Ram.Thank you for your compliment.
Lizioli. Today Obesity is really a big issue in the Global level
Ram.You are right,because of Junk food culture and lack of exercise this problem starting.
Lizioli.You are right.Why i called you i am coming to Dubai on  thuresday.Kindly inform Atkinson.
Ram.Where will you stay.
Lizioli.Prasanna has  booked in Sheraton.I too love to stay.We can meet on friday.
Lizioli. we will have lunch together
Lizioli.As soon as i reach ,i will call you.Tcare bye now
Ram.You too take care,bye now.
By that time Ali reached Ram's house.
Ali.Good night sir
After changing his dress Ram went for a small walk and came back
While taking his night dinner ,Kathambari called Ram
Hope ,i am not disturbing you
Ram.No,tell me
Kathambari.Prasanna told Lizioli is coming to Dubai.He invited us for lunch on friday
Kathambari.Mummy thought this friday we can have lunch in our house ,but suddenly changed.Since Lizioli is staying for few days only and wanted to give  on friday.So we will have our programme next friday.
Ram.No problem
Kathambari.That was the reason Mum asked me to inform you.Bye
 (to be continued)
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