Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life is Beautiful 318.

Next day morning  Ram reached Bengaluru airport.Raj was waiting for him.
Ram.What a pleasant surprise Raj why you have taken trouble to come over here.
Raj,.Not at all.I wanted to see you off,as well i want  that this news should be covered in your Channel today if possible.
Ram.O.K.What is the news
Raj.The recent Uttrakand forest fire.
Ram.Yes,i heard in the  T.V.News
Raj.This is  very unfortunate and heavyloss  to the governmentboth in damages and few casualities.
Ram. I agree with you.
Raj.Political parties are fighting with the NDA Government ,for not taking speedy action.
Ram.The reality  no one knows.Fire is spreading  like any thing ,how ever you try to douse it may aggravate.Govt.has taken fast action of deploying army. and many agencies to control the situation.
But you can not do miracle in over night.
Raj,Very true,this type of natural disastrous no one anticipate,and can not control immediately.
Ram.Opposition is  always waiting , to find out  any reasons to agitate
Raj.Yes.This is the detailed reports.
Ram.For this sake you came all the way.
Raj. More then this i want to see you.Take care bye.
After he left Ram came to the Boarding counter .Suddenly some body called him.
Ram looked  at the person.He was surprised to see him in Bengaluru.He  is none other than his old Editor friend Anand.
Ram,it is a pleasant surprise , i missed you for Six years.
Ram.Yes,Anand.Imissed you for long years.Now i am in Dubai.
Anand.Nice to hear.I came to see my friend off ,then i saw you
Ram.Thank you for calling me.How is your family.
Anand.Fine.My son is doing his Master's in US.
Ram.Tcare.This is my card.Keep in touch.
Anand.Certainly,i will mail you.Bye
Ram came to security and after that he came and  sat in the  air carft.
He was recollecting his memorable India trip met all friends and  the latest friend.
(to be continued)
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