Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life is Beautiful 320.

Ram was happy to hear his Vasanthy's voice
How are you.Happy to hear your voice.
Vasanthy.Thank you.When you returned from India,How is Prasanna's  mother
Ram.She is fine.She enquired all of you.
Vasanthy.Hope Kathambari might have invited to come for lunch,on this friday.
Ram.Just now she told and gone,then your call came.I will certainly come.I am longing to see you
Vasanthy.I too,wanted to meet you.
Ram.I am also very eager
Vasanthy.O.K.Carry on,i do n't want to disturb your morning routine.See you on friday
After that Ram was discussing with his News editor for the evening coverage.Then he received a call from Prasanna
Welcome back sir,how was your trip.
Ram.Fine,your mother was happy to seeme and Saffron you have sent
Prasanna.Mother always  likes to do Kaingaryam to Acharyan Sri Ramanujachary.This saffron she will give it to Vontikopal temple.
Ram.I know that.Ananda rao,Raj,and your bosses asking about you.Tell me what is the matter
Prasanna.Why i called you is ,Murthy has sent me a video  covering our company's silver jubilee celebrations.Your speech was very nice
Ram.Is it,i spoke for few minitues
Prasanna.You spoke about Obesity and implications  created a big impact.Many of the Medical college professors attended was thrilled.
Ram.Thank you .
Prasanna.I am really proud of you Sir.You know all subjects.
Ram.Thank you for your compliment.There are many talented people in the Society who  are simple and humble.
Prasanna.TRue,but you are also one among them.
By that time Ram received a call from Atkinson.
Ram.Prasanna,see you later.MD calling me.
(to be continued)\
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