Friday, May 20, 2016


Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 21May 16, (My Article 456)

Smart lesson

Some of my relatives recently added me in their group on WhatsApp, which I had not been using for many months. The reason was I was busy with my writing assignments and there were many messages which I could not reply. It was straining relations. 

However, I accepted the family group so as to stay connected. 

A few days ago, when I was sleeping I suddenly heard some sounds from my mobile. When I checked, I saw plenty of WhatsApp messages. I  wondered how I could get the messages without Internet connectivity.

It was then that I realised while adjusting the settings, I had wrongly activated an app and that led to Internet access. 

To my shock, it was deducting money from my main account. 

Lesson learnt: One has to be careful while using smartphones.
K. Ragavan

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