Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Life is Beautiful 319.

 Next day Ram attended his office.Discussed with Atkinson about his fruitful Indian  trip.He got a good company for ten years agreement with his Channel.Atkinson was complimenting Ram
Excellent Job you have done  Ram.You got this prestigious Contract for us.
Ram.Thank you Atkinson.
Atkinson.How was the function of Murthy's Company
Ram.It was very nice.He was asking you
Atkinson.Any other important thing we can cover in the evening news.
Ram.Yes,Raj has given Utthara Khand fire accident.
Atkinson.Fine,I will see you later.
After that Ram came to his Cabin.Kathambari was waiting
How are you Ram and how was your trip.
Ram.Fine,every thing went on well.Met your Mother in law,she is fine.
Kathambari. Thank you Ram.Did she collected the Saffron
Ram.She was very happy to collect.Today is Ramanujar's 999 th Thiru Nakshatram or Birth day.
Kathambari.Great Mahan.Created a revolution in Sri Vaishnavam.
Ram.Yes,Next year India is going to celebrate his 1000 th Anniversary in a grand manner.
Kathambari.Yes,i read it in papers.
Ram.How is Prasanna.
Kathambari.He is fine.
Ram.How is Mom.
Kathambari.She is fine.Why i came here was to invite for lunch in the coming friday to our home.Mummy was asking me to  invite.
Ram.Sure.Iwill come
Kathambari.Bye See you on friday
After she left Ram was busy with his routine.
By that time he received a call. He took the phone and surprised to hear the voice
It was his beautiful Vasanthy.He never expected her call at this hour
Hello,   hearing her magic voice Ram was very happy.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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