Thursday, June 16, 2016

My View Published in Gulf News UAE on 17,June 16

Allow meaningful films to flourish
Art is meant to reflect real life like a mirror, and so, it should be taken in the right spirit. Indian art and film, especially, is known for its vibrant depiction of culture, tradition and values. Censoring films is important only when violence, sexually explicit scenes and other aspects directly affect a country’s reputation. When freedom of speech and expression are not going to affect the way a country is perceived, the film should not be disturbed. The Indian censor board is an organisation that considers the sensitivities of the nation, and it should deal with films carefully and respect the work of the film industry. If the movie’s subject has a social or moral message, or is educational and informative, any censor board would be expected to encourage such movies, as these would be of national interest. If the story lines and dialogues do not hurt the sentiments of people from any particular religion, the movie must be allowed to be screened. Clashes between politicians and filmmakers should be avoided, in the interest of society. On the other hand, filmmakers should also maintain proper ethics, by ensuring there is limited vulgarity in the films they screen. But when they make meaningful movies that depict reality, such films should not be mangled by the censor board. Due to incorrect judgments, individuals can end up facing both monetary loss and a damaged reputation. ‘Unbiased and meaningful’ should be the code of censor boards around the world. After all the backlash, I hope, in the coming days, the Indian censor board will function more effectively.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Retired executive based in Bengaluru, India

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