Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Life is Beautiful 326.

Friday afternoon Ram was waiting for Prasanna to go to Vasanthy's place for lunch.Prasanna had called Ram on thuresday   asked him to wait .Exactly at 12-30.P.M. Prasanna called Ram to come down.Ram  came to his car.Prasanna was sitting in the driving seat.
Ram.When you got driving licence.
Prasanna.Yesterday only.I want to keep suspense to you sir
Ram.Congratulation to you.Getting a driving  licence in UAE is a great achievement
Prasanna.Luckily with first attempt i got the licence.
Prasanna.Shall we go
While driving Ram observed his driving.He was driving carefully  with confidence.
They reached Kathambari's house.Kathambari was waiting for Ram
Ram.Good afternoon.
Kathambari.Welcome ,
Vasanthy came from the room. After seeing Ram she was smiling
How are you.
Ram.I am fine.
Kathambari.We will have soup now.Lunch  we will have later.Is it o.k.
Kathambari brought Tomoto soup .It was hot and tasty.
Vasanthy.How was your India trip
Ram.Fine .
Kathambari.I too want to see Mysore,After i met you i have not visited the beautiful place.
Ram.Yes,Mysore is beautiful.Now the Dynasty familie's marriage is going to happen.
Prasanna.yes,i read in the paper.
Vasanthy.How you like Dubai
Ram.Lovely place.I am completing three and half years today.How fast it has gone.
Vasanthy.Yes,Dubai is a friendly place.With more than 200 nationalities living in this Countr.
By that time Ram received  a call.
(to be continued)
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