Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life is Beautiful 346.

 In Mysore  after  few days of busy work Murthy was able to  spent some time with his family.He was very happy that his daughter Nirmala got the appointment letter from Sulaiman as a resident Journalist .Nirmala was also very happy to join  with Sulai Man's leading Paper based in Abudhabi.
Murthy.Aarti,today evening we all will go to Venkatramana Swamy temple,vontikopal and do archanai for Nirmala's appointment.
Aarti.I was about to tell you this,We all will go.I will call Raj's wife to join with us.After the temple we will go to Dasaprakash Paradise for dinner.
Murthy.I have sent one mail to Ram ,thanking him for recommanding
Aarti.Yes,Ram is very important for this .
Murthy.He is  our best friend.He is not only helping known people but also other deserving people  is very great.
Nirmala Yes Dad,i have sent a mail to Ram Uncle thanking him
Murthy.you did a good thing.
By that time Murthy received a call from Raj
Raj.Good morning Murthy,how are you.I want to congratulate the new journalist
Murthy.Nirmala,Raj wanted to talk to you
Raj.Congratulations Nirmala.Your first report was impressed by Sulaiman.Wishing you all the very best in your career
Nirmala.Thank you Uncle.
Murthy.Raj,evening come to our temple with family.After temple we will go for dinner
Raj.Fine, We will meet in the temple.
Earlier i have given about  the famous Vontikopal veankateswara temple and how it has developed.Purely with devotees ,their initiative was the main reasons.
Karnataka people are god fearing and known for their various poojas ,particularly SatyanarayanaPooja.
(to be continued)
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