Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life is Beautiful 354.

Murthy and his wife Aarti reached Raj's place for Satyanarayanapooja .Few of his friends already arrived  and waiting for Murthy.Ananda rao was also waiting
How are you Raj,
Raj.I am fine.How are you.
Anandarao.I am fine .While Coming i brought Prasanna's mother.She is talking with  my wife in side.
By the time Prasanna's mother came to the hall
Murthy.Namaskaram.Happy to see you here.
Mother.Normally i never miss any Satyanarayana pooja.When our friends celebrating i wo n't miss.
Murthy.Nice.How is your health ,did prasanna called recently
Mother.Yes,he called me just one hour back.Today his mother in law's b.day function was post poned due to her sudden illness.
Murthy.What,i thought today they will go out to have dinner
Mother.It was planned like that.Suddenly Vasanthy developed fever.Doctor also adviced not to go out for two days
Murthy.I see.We all pray for her speedy recovery here
Mother.I already told Nirmala about this.What ever happens all for good only.How is Ram
Murthy.Ram is fine.
By that time Raj came out and the Priest also arrived for the pooja.
After two hours the Pooja was over  Murthy and his family had Prasadam and thanked Raj and left
While going he droped Prasanna's mother at her home.

(to be continued)
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