Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Life is Beautiful 356.

After the night dinner Ram sat on the Chair recollecting the paper boy's words.He was happy that his wishes made speedy recovery for his mother.Similarly same way he wants fast recovery for his Beautiful Vasanthy.Good people's wishes are always accepted by god and proved.Ram's intentions ,actions are good to every one.His life is full of good deeds and helping nature to deserving people.Prasanna is one example.He was waiting for the call of Prasanna and his mobile was ringing
Hello sir,i am Prasanna.Kathambari's mother is improving and temperature has come down.
Ram.Good,i was waiting for your call.
Prasanna.She was enquiring about you and felt very bad for not having dinner on that day.
Ram.Dinner we can have any day.Health is very important.Convey my regards
Prasanna.Yes sir,see you later
After that Ram was watching the news  then went to bed.
In Mysore  Murthy was busy in his office.Suddenly Nirmala Came
Hello dad,i came this way
Murthy.Fine,you are welcome to our office.Let me introduce Our M.D .Srivatsava
He took her to his Cabin
Srivatsava.Good morning Murthy
Murthy.Same to you.Meet my daughter Nirmala
Srivatsa.Nice to see you Journalist.Your dad was telling about you.How is job
Nirmala.Fine,i enjoy reporting the real facts happening in the Society.
Srivatsava.Good,you should report like that only.Journalism is a big ocean.
Nirmala.True sir,i am a small fish trying to  swim in this big ocean but enjoying the swim.
Srivatsava.Nice,dedication is very important in any profession.
Nirmala.Thank you for your encouragement.
Murthy.What you would like to have.
Then Srivatsava ordered for tea and spent some time with them.
After Nirmala's departure Murthy came to his Cabin.
(to be continued)
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