Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life is Beautiful 357.

Ram was busy in his work.Suddenly he received a call from Prasanna.
Good morning Sir,How are you.
Ram.I am fine.Tell me
Prasanna.Tomorrow we are Completing Five years of Dubai operation.We are Celebrating our anniversary.You should come and grace the Occassion. I am inviting Atkinson also.
Ram.What time.
Prasanna.Between 11-30a.m-12. P.m..After that we will have lunch.
Ram.O.K.As it is no Programme for me  tomorrow.I will come .
Prasanna.I will call Atkinson now.See you tomorrow.
After that Ram  was recollecting how he introduced Prasanna to Murthy in their Mysore office and later with his excellent skills proved to them then promoted to Dubai operation.He came to Dubai ,married Kathambari and his life has become more Beautiful and now he completed five years.In life every body will get opportunities but very few only  utilize fruitfully.Prasanna has proved his worth to Murthy and his M.D.Ram was always proud of Prasanna. His thinking was removed by a call from Atkinson.
Ram,just now i got a call from Prasanna that they are Celebrating Fifth year of their Dubai operation
and asked me to come and attend.Being a good Client for us we have to go and honur them.Tomorrow we will leave at 11A.M from our office.For that only i called.
Ram.O.K.Atkinson.i will be ready.
After that Ram saw few mails sent by Raj.He was also thinking of covering the latest US President's ban on  Visa policy.The entire World was stunned the drastic action of the newly elected President.
Raj also sent some important points on this.Ram wanted to cover in the Evening news .He called the T.VNews editor and discussed  to cover.
(to be continued)
See You  Next week

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