Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life is Beautiful 364

After reaching home Ram received a call from Raj.
How are you Ram.How is weather in Dubai.
Ram.Here weather is fine ,some times rains.How is Mysuru
Raj.Mysuru is little hot.This year Summer will bevery hot.No rains.But the recent weather in UP is Wonderful
Ram.You mean real weather
Raj.Joking,i mean the Political weather.UP was completely sweeped by Modis wave.
Ram.Yes,it was a good development for BJP  and 2019 will be a good year for BJP.
Raj.Today i have sent a detailed coverage of UPelection results and todays speech of UP CM yogi in the Lok SAbha.
Ram.It was a good speech by the young CM. I liked his way of telling to people SabkaVikas.Shows his secular mind and love for others.
Raj.You are true.The selection of UP ChiefMinister no body anticipatedlike this.
Ram.True,i feel the Combination of Amit Shah and Modi will certainly yieldfor better development.
Raj.You are right.Only i pity the opposition parties for branding BJP as Communal party.
Ram.That is their tactics because they lost all ground sto induce confidence to people.
Raj.You are right. i will take leave now.Go through my mail and cover in your evening news.
Ram.SureRaj.My regards to all.
After that Ram went to Kitchen for his night dinner.
Kathambari was busy in her house asking mother which items they  canprepare for friday Lunch
Vasanthy.What ever our guest like we can prepare.Ram likes sweets and salads.
Kathambari.Fine,from our earlier experiences we know he is fond of sweets.We will prepare this time BadamCake.
After this conversation Kathambari left to see her neighbour.
Vasanthy was  watching  evening T.Vnews prepared by Ram's Channel
She likes the presentation,coverage from Ram.Because he is her Beautiful Person and for him too she is.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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