Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life is Beautiful 365.

For the past few days Mysuru was very hot.Normal  routine  of the people was not going smoothly.No rains and all the lands are dry and farmers are longing for heavy rain. Past few days Prasanna's mother was  not well and Murthy's wife  coming regularly and helping her.That evening her temperature was high and doctor  advised her to be admitted in a nursing home  for few days till she recover to the normal status.She has become weak and  Murthy was worried.All these days she was very active and for the past few days she was restless and some thing he is keeping in her mind.
Murthy came and admitted her in a private nursing home.
Prasanna's mother thanked him for all the help
Murthy.Amma,this is my duty to take care of you.Prasanna is like my brother.Tell me you have any problem
Mother.Since you told that Prasanna is  like your brothernow i am telling you.Iwant to see my grandson this is my present feeling.I am very much longing to see his child.
She is right in her way.Since Prasanna got married three years back andquite natural his mother is expecting grand son from his son.
Murthy.Now i understand your feelings.Do n't worry and becalm .Things will take it's own way and your ambition will be fulfilled by god.
Mother.If you tell like this i am very happy.God's grce i do n't have any problem.Prasanna looks after me very well and i am very happy except this.
Murthy.You take rest for few days.Every thing will be alright.
After that Murthy called Prasanna.
Prasanna,your mother is not well for the few days and today as per the doctor's advice i admitted her in the nursing home.You cam come for two days to see your mother.
Prasanna.O.K.i Will come on friday morning .
Murthy.She will be very happy to see you and you too.
After that Prasanna called Kathambari.
Kathambari Mom is not well and admitted in the hospital.I am going to see her in the coming friday
Kathambari.Iwill also come with you
Prasanna.No need i myself go.You do n't worry.
Kathambari.O.K.Then we have to cancel our lunch programme .Since you wo n't be there i will request Ram for next week.
Prasanna.O.K.i Will ask my travel agent to book my ticket to Bengaluru.
(to be continued)
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