Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Life is Beautiful 266.

After Crossing Lamcy Plaza  Ram telling to Kathambari.
Kathambari,I remembered our visit to this beautiful lamcy plaza two times.Once with your Mummy.
Kathambari.Yes Ram,that was a memorable visit.
Ram.Not only Lamcy Plaza but Global village and Dubai mall.
Kathambari.In this desert the rulers have built beautiful malls,Metro,Tram and many tall buildings is really a great achievement.
Ram.Certainly.They have Vision,Commitment and progress for the people.
Kathambari.Ours is a vast country with Multi languages,Religon and Culture also improving slowly.
Ram.I agree.The new government has got a good vision wanted to develop India a mighty nation but our internal politics is not allowing was sad.But it takes time to implement some of the good policies .
Kathambari.Yes,it will take some time.
By that time Kathambari reached Ram's place.
Ram.Thank you.Good night.
Kathambari.Good night ,Bye
Ram came to  his house .Saw the mail from Murthy.He is coming to Dubai on monday. He has mentioned that  Ram need not come to air port  and
 Prasanna is coming to receive him.
Ram replied his mail  and thanking for the information.
After that he  went out for night tiffin in the near by Venus restaurant.
There he met Prasanna along with one of his client.
Prasanna.Hello Sir,How are you. My boss is coming on monday
Ram.Yes i know.I  got the mail just now.
Prasanna.Nice.Meet Mr Noor  our client Global Hospital of Sharjah.
Ram.Nice to meet you Mr Noor.
After spending some time with them Ram left the  hotel reached his place.
(to be continued)
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