Monday, May 18, 2015

Life is Beautiful 268.

That day evening Ram came to Dubai Sheraton  to  meet Murthy.Prasanna  was talking with Murthy.
Murthy.Good evening Ram.Happy to see you after  few months
Ram.Me too,Happy to see you here.
Prasanna.Good evening sir, What you would like to have
Ram.Thanks,i had tea before i left theoffice.
Murthy.O.K.we will have night Dinner out side .I preferVenus .
Prasanna.O.K. Sir.
Ram.How is your family,Raj and other friends.
Murthy.All are fine.Mr Srivatsava conveyed his regards to you.How is life here.
Ram.Very nice.Going smoothly
Murthy. India  also lot of changes.But it will take some more  time for the new govt to deliver.
Ram.True.Modi is building the relationship of Various countries for good ties as well investments in India.
Murthy.Yes.How is your Business.
Ram.Fine,By  God's grace we are having a good name in the Media as well marketing.Raj is helping us feeding latest developments to cover.Your advertisement Bracco  also made our Channel more prestigious.
Murthy.Regarding Prasanna's marriage why Venue has been changed .
Ram.Because most of Kathambari's friends and her Mom's friends are here.It is easy to org anise and  bring the guests from India.That was the idea  they want to perform in Dubai.
Murthy.Nice.When are you coming to Musore
Ram.Not now.After this marriage i am planning
Ram.How is your Dubai business.
Murthy.Improving .Prasanna is doing a good job.Our marketing team also playing their roll very well.
Ram.Nice to hear your Company's growth.
Murthy.We have seen a substantial growth  over the  year.
Prasanna.I will call the cab,It is getting late for dinner.
Ram.No need,Our Ali is waiting out side.wewill go in our car.Mr Atkinson asked me to take care of Murthy.
Murthy  Thank you Ram.For your hospitality
Ram.Itis a pleasure to entertain our guests.
Then they came out from the room.Ali was waiting in the Parking.
They entered in to the Car.
By that time Prasanna's mobile was ringing.
(to be continued)
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