Monday, May 4, 2015

Tribute to Cinematographer N.S.Varma 349.

Today i remembered another  interesting film personality  from Tamil film Industry is none other than Cinematographer N.S.Varma. Five decades back he has  done a Wonderful work in the film industry.He was associated with Devar films for many of their films.He has worked with Director M.A.Thirumugam for many films.Late M.G.R,,Asokan,Nambiar,Kannamba and many others  also worked with him.He has his own talents  on taking the shots.Good frame work both indoor and out door will be more visible from this Stalwart.He has given number of pictures to his credit and all are remarkable.I have seen few films of this Veteran.Those films are,Vettaikaran,(old) Needikupin  Pasam,Vivasayee,Mugarasi,Thanipiravi,Ther thiruviza,Kannithai,Ellam un kairasi,Arunothayam,Thaikuthalai magan,Dharmam thalaikakum and many i  could n't remember.
Devar films  has given memorable  pictures five decades back with  with  Crisp dialoques by   ,Arur Das ,Cinematography  by N.S .Varma and M.A.Thirumugam as Director for many years .Today i am very happy to tribute this Wonderful Cinematographer.
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