Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life is Beautiful 269.

Prasanna took the phone.His Mother was in the other line
Prasanna,how are you.You met Murthy
Prasanna.Yes ,I met him .Now we are going for Dinner.
Mother.O.K.Katham bari.Is she coming for dinner
Prasanna.No,Myself,Ram sir and Murthy sir only going.How is your health.
Mother.Fine.OK. You carry on..
 After that Prasanna came and sat in the Car.
While going Murthy was telling to Ram,
Ram, Comparing my last visit this visit i am seeing lot of changes
Ram.What type of changes.
Murthy.New buildings and,Tram .
Ram.True.Every year Dubai is improving both in infrastructure of roads and new buildings.The International tourist traffic also increasing.
Murthy.Unfortunately in our country we do n't have good roads.
Ram.Because we do n't have Visionary and Commited leaders in the past.Now only things are slowly taking a shape.But it takes time for this type of improvements there.
Murthy.You are rightly said Ram.
By the time they reached Venus restaurant.
After finishing their dinner Ram dropped Prasanna first at his flat  then  Murthy in his hotel.
By the time Ram reached his flat  he was tired.
When he entered the hall he received a call from Raj
Ram,How are you.Did you met Murthy.
Ram.Just now we have finished our dinner and i droped him and came to my flat.
Raj.Ido n't want to disturb you Ram.Take care,Good night.
Ram.Raj,tell me what for you called me  now.
Raj. I will be sending a mail on the coverage of the recent IPL mATCH.
Ram. o.k..Much expected CSK was defeated.Send me.I will cover.
Raj.Good night Ram.I will send you shortly.
(to be continued)
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