Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life is Beatiful 293.

Thursday  after noon Ram and ,Prasanna  reached Kathambari's place.Vasanthy was receiving them.
Good after noon,welcome.
Ram.Thank you,   Both entered the hall
There Atkinson was sitting with Kathambari
Atkinson.Good after noon Ram.I also  came  just now.
Kathambari.Let s have lunch first.
All went to Dining table .Vasanthy was serving the items.
After the  delicious lunch all came to the hall.
Vasanthy was started the conversation. I welcome  you all for the marriage discussion.I have fixed the marriage on Nov 8 in Dubai Indian association auditorium.The hall was available only on that date and afterwards two months full.I do n't want to post pone this and booked on 8.Luckily Shankar Mahadevan  was also free on that day for the Music programme..Regarding the Visitors  Prasanna  has already applied  for the visas and expected in a day  or two.Still we have one week left.Regarding the Caterer Vens Restaurant will take care of the entire day's requirements for the guests food and tiffin..I expect minimum 300 people on that day including Prasanna 's Mother and other friends.Any question you would like to ask Prasanna.
Prasanna.Where will they stay.
Vasanthy.i arranged  for four days stay in   Holiday inn close to our Marriage auditorium.
By that time Ram received a call.It was Raj from India
Hello Ram,i have sent detailed report on the latest Bihar election reslts.Kindly go through
Raj.Bye now.I am in a meeting
Then all left from Vasanthy's house.

(To be continued)
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