Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Life is Beautiful 292.

Wednesday Ram was busy in his routine.That day Mr Lizioli came from Italy.Ram Atkinson,Prasanna ,and Lizioli had long discussions on their future strategies.After noon they went for lunch.While taking the lunch Lizioli received a call from his friend.
Friend.I am sorry to pass this message to you ,our friend Mastroni  died in the recent accident of the Russian plane near Egypt.
Lizioli.Oh my god.Young man gone to see the places.Sorry to hear this.Thank you for your call.
After that he was feeling restless.
Ram. ,your friend passed in the recent tragedy.Sorry
Lizioli.He is my relative also.Running an advertising company in Italy.
Ram,Atkinson,Prasanna expressed their feelings to Lizioli.
Lizioli.What  to do.No one escape from the fate.
After finishing the lunch Ram droped him in Dubai Sheraton.
Atkinson and Ram came back to office.
Kathambari came to Ram's cabin.
Ram, i came to know from Prasanna one of Lizioli's friend died in the Russian plane carsh.I felt
Ram.I also felt very bad.He is young and related to him.He was upset ,We droped him in his hcame back.
Kathambari.This was another big tragedy in the recent months.
Ram.Even though authorities say  there is criminal act i have my doubts
Kathambari.You are right.I came to inquire for this.We will meet tomorrow in my house.
Ram.Yes,We will meet.Tcare
Kathambari.You too,bye now.
After that Ram was busy in preparing that accident for the night news.
Ram left office at 5-30.reached his home at 7PM. due to heavy traffic.
(tobe continued)
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