Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Life is Beautiful 295.

Friday after noon Ram was waiting in his house expecting a call a call from Kathambari.Exactly 12.0PM He received a call from her
Ram i will be there in 10mts.
Ram.I will  come down in  
Kathambari.O.K.I asked Prasanna to join with us.He told he will come straight to Ravi's house for the Pooja.
Kathambari.Me and Mum will be there  shortly
Ram was very happy  when Kathambari told her mum also  coming 
After  few  minutes Ram came down by that time Kathambari enteredin her Sunny car.
Kathambari.Good after noon Ram.Come front.
Ram.How are you.
Vasanthy.I am fine.
While going  Kathambari was telling
RamPrasanna has sent the Visas to India.Mum arranged for the accomodation and Venusfor Catering.
Vasanthy.I am praying god every thing should  go smoothly.
Ram.Why you are worrying
Vasanthy.After seeing the rains in Chennai i am worried.Yesterday Fujairah had good rains which was not expected now.
Ram.Do n't worry.Every thing will go peace fully.
Kathambari.I spoke to Shankar Maha devan this morning about his arrival and he confirmed Sunday morning he will come
Kathambari.We have purchased some sarees in Nalli  and Suits for Prasanna from Raymonds.
Vasanthy.Giftsalso i purchased for guests.
Ram.Before marriage we are attending the Satyanarayana Pooja is a good sign.
Vasanthy.Yes,i never expected  today i will attend.We should thanks to your friend Ravi.
Ram.No thanks.It has already written
By that time Vasanthy received a call
Hello,who is speaking.
Hello Vasanthy i am your friend Preethi speaking from Chennai
Vasanthy.Preethi,when yo went to Chennai
Preethi.Vasanthy,i came yesterday  to attend my husband's cousin's marriage and caught in the heavy rains.
Vasanthy.You will come to Kathambari 'smarriage on 8th
Preethi.Another three days is there.I will certainly come.Take care.Bye now
By that time they reached Ravi's house.
(to be continued)
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