Friday, September 9, 2016


Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 10Sep 16(,My Article 482)

Double joy

I recently met an old friend at a function in my city. He was very happy to see me after 12 years. We discussed our UAE days where he had spent ten years.

Once he lost his purse at a mall in Dubai after paying the bill through his credit card. When we reached a nearby restaurant, he realised that his wallet was missing. I immediately suggested that we rush back to that mall. 

We met the counter cashier who politely and instantly took the wallet from the counter and gave it to my friend after verifying his ID.

My friend asked me how I was sure my wallet would be in the mall. I told him the UAE people had a very good reputation for honesty.

We recalled the wallet incident and he stated that he kept the wallet safe until today. 

I felt double joy, one over meeting him and the other that we could fondly recollect our days in the UAE, a place I love most. 

K. Ragavan

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