Thursday, September 29, 2016


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE On 30 ,16, Strikes and their implications
If a community’s normal routine is disturbed, people will be affected both locally and globally was true (‘Boycotting all-party meet on Cauvery row: Karnataka BJP’, Gulf News, September 22). This happens mainly due to strikes by workers, unions and other parties who will stop their work and not allow for the necessary daily functions to happen. Of course, this is allowed legally in many countries. On one hand, I applaud people protesting for their rights to get their things done peacefully, but on the other hand if the people turn to violence, this is not acceptable.
Recently in my city, Bengaluru, India, a peaceful strike turned into violent one with looting and the destruction of public property. This protest is due to water sharing between two states. If you look into the total damage of this protest, you can make arrangements for solving the water crisis. Mobs with illiteracy and anger is one of the main causes for this.
The government should implement a law if public property is damaged, that those criminals will be taken to task on the spot. When a government allows for strike, they should be prepared for the eventualities without hesitation to punish any criminals. That will reduce the huge loss on damages and casualties. Will the government look into this valid point whenever strikes are allowed? As an Indian citizen, I strongly condemn the damage of public property. I hope in the future protests will be peaceful.
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

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