Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Life is Beautiful 337.

For the past few days Dubai was very hot and people particularly children going to schoolare finding  little bit difficult.Despite AC is available the weather was very hot. Ram accustomed with this weather conditions .That  day Ram reached office little early.When he opened the  mail box he saw Raj's letter about Murthy's daughter for the job for Sulai man's paper.Ram replied his letter  that he will send to Sulaiman for further talks.Ram was happy that Raj was  very past of finding a suitable candidate.Then he attended his routine.By that time he received  a call from Atkinson.
Good Morning Atkinson.
Atkinson.Good morning Ram,Today i am having a meeting with a leading Consumer companyat 12P.M. I Want you to come with me.
Ram.O.K.I Will be ready at 11.30.
Atkinson.See you
Ram then concentrated his work.By that time he received a call from  Raj.
Raj.How are you Ram. My friend's son working in Bengaluru ws hit by yesterday's violence in Bengaluru luckily escaped.Why i am telling this to you is he is coming to Dubai next week joining a leading Consumar Company.You have to guide him when he comes to Dubai.
Ram.Certainly.I am wondering why public is attacking the public properties ,buses private factories.
Raj.You are right.Emotions with  past angry actions will make complications.Now the Bengaluru city has come to the normalcy,but Government is very carefuland they are keen on protecting the people.
Ram.Hope the water problem should be solved shortly with out hurting the people of both states Karnataka and Tamil nadu.
Raj.Yes Ram why .I called  you was   for my friend's arrival to Dubai next week.He will be contacting you.By now
After that Ram was busy with his work.
(to be continued0
See You Next Week,

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