Friday, October 14, 2016


Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 15,Oct 16,(My Article 487)

Young at heart

I was rushing to a store when I bumped into an old friend. 
He instantly complained why I did not take him along when I went to meet a famous Tamil filmstar of yesteryear. 
I was surprised as I could not recollect any such meeting. 
He clarified that he saw my photo with film personality Sowkar Janaki on a social media site. 
It was then I realised that I had posted such a photo two years ago. 
My friend had obviously missed the date. 
Social media does put many people in a tricky situation when old photos are mistaken for latest. 
Though I am a senior citizen, I joked with him that the photo may be old, but I am “young at heart.”
K. Ragavan

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