Friday, October 28, 2016


Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE On 29Oct (My Article 489)

Bear and lion

My two grandchildren recently played well in their school basketball team and won the match. They are now looking forward to be selected at the national level. With a view to motivate them further, I asked them to suggest a good place for dining. 

One of them replied, “Polar Bear.”

I was surprised as to my knowledge there was no circus going on in my area. My other grandson clarified, “It is an outlet where we get varieties of desserts.”

In that case we have to visit “Lion’s Castle” next time, I replied. 
“What’s that?” they asked in chorus. 
When I said it is also a popular eatery, they were surprised. 
Today’s dining places indeed have some ingenious names. 
K. Ragavan

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