Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tribute 423.

Tribute to Director Ramesh Selvan 423.

Today i am going to  pen another interesting film personality from  the Tamil Film Industry is none other than Director Ramesh Selvan.In his Eighteen years film career he has given few films to his credit.Popular actors  Vijaya Kanth,Radha Ravi,Meena,Thambi Ramaiah and many others  acted in his movies.I have seen two of his films  both are remarkable.Ulavuthurai is the one  he earned a good name for the story and  Suspense handled.Recently i saw his another movie Vajram A memorable movie.He has taken few characters  ,four orphan school boys with their master played by Thambi Ramaiah who fought for his principles of giving education to all particularly workers children and how he was successful in his mission.JayaPrakash played as minister done his job very nicely.In the recent films Vajram  is one of the Comedy with theme and action  packed  i enjoyed.Beautiful Cinematography  by A.R.Kumaresan is added to this film.Thambi Ramaiah's different roll with memorable performance,and the four boys was nicely trained by the Director.Vajram is not only entertainment but also  with moral values.Thambi Ramiah will have a good  future in the Coming days with different rolls from his usual rolls.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Up coming Director.
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