Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Life is Beautiful 340.

Evening 4P.M. Ram reached the Conference hall.Already Atkinson and other Editorial department People waiting for his arrival.
Atkinson.Good after noon to all.As you all aware we  are one of the Best Channel for Covering authentic affairs, Like business ,entertainment and other important  issues  for Middle East,North Africa and Cyprus.Our advertisements are very good and we receive daily thousands of readers views.As we are growing  i want to  elevate  certain  People  in our Organisation and give them responsibilities.The Indian news ,Middle East And Cyprus   area was covered very well from Ram and team.Let me Congratulate Ram and his team and with effect from Tomorrow Ram will be the  Editor -in-Chief  Controlling the entire activites of our Business.Ram  Welcome to the new responsibility and i am Confident that you will deliver yourefforts to improve this organisation further.
Ram.First of all ,i am unable to speak in front of Media Veterans like Atkinson,Our News Editor
Githanjali Sinha,and Up coming Kathambari.Eventhough i was not belonging to Media Community i learned this Wonderful art of Conveying.By virtue of my past profession i am able to communicate in my own style which was accepted from thousands of people.I will certainly deliver better in the Coming days.Thank you for bestowing me a Very great responsibility.
Atkinson.Gitanjali will be assisting and Kathambari will help you in meeting people.This month  we have done very well .We have signed agreements with two leading News papers  for long term  to promote their concept with our creative ads.Our Creative team is doing a good job of  changing various concepts suits to this World.After Ram entered we have seen lot of changes and innovations in our Channel.Thank you Ram once again.
Ram. Wel come Atkinson.
Gitanjali.Congratulations Ram.I am really proud of you
Ram.All with your Cooperation.You are one of the Gem in the Media Community who has vast experience and. handling the events and issues.
Gitanjali.Thank you.
Ram.Katham bari is known for her style of approach with  Clients,Public relations particularly with government departments interviews.Our staff members are very past and do their job.This is a team work.
Atkinson.On this Occassion if Ram's wife would have been here She  will proud of him.What Ram
Ram.Thank you . Fortunately or Unfortunately i have not married
Atkinson.Is it,
Kathambari.Ram is a different person.I never asked his past
Ram.Thank you all.For the love and affection  showered to me.
By that time his Mobile was ringing
Atkinson.You attend your call.We will wait
(to be Continued)
See You Next Week,

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