Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Life is Beautiful 358.

Ram and Atkinson reached Prasanna's office for the function.Few prominent doctors have presented.Both Ram and Atkinson  were introduced to the doctors.Later Kathambari joined with them. One doctor was appreciating Prasanna and his initiative of introducing some few products of Bracco Industria Italy like Contrast Media for Urography.Ram also spoke about the activites of Prasanna's Company and their association on their  advertising Concept through their media.
Atkinson was Complimenting  Prasanna ,in a short span of time how he captured the Dubai market despite tough competition from multinationals.
After that Prasanna thanked all the Guests gave a memento to all participants.
Later they all went to  a new restaurant for lunch.
After a beautiful delicious lunch with Desert Ram and Atkinson returned to the office.
After reaching his cabin Ram received a call from Murthy
Hello Ram,Hope you enjoyed our function.
Ram.It was very nice.Prasanna arranged it very nicely.
Murthy.Naturally,because he is your sisyan.
Ram.Thank you for the Compliment.How is family and other friends.
Murthy.All are fine.When are you coming to Mysore
Ram.Not now,always remembering our good old days.
Murthy.Those days i can not for get.
Ram.Thanks for calling,my regards to all.
Murthy.O.K.Tcare .Bye now
After that Ram was busy in his work.
Meantime Prasanna called
Sir Mr Atkinson's compliment was really great to me
Ram.You deserve that Prasanna.I believe Leaders are not born ,they are made
Prasanna.True,I was made by a great personality
Ram.Good,Who is that
Prasanna.It is you Sir,
Ram.I am not that great.i am an ordinary person
Prasanna.But with great Leadership qualities and vision
Ram.Thank you for your compliment
Prasanna.Bye sir.I called only to thank for Atkinson's compliment.Take care
(to be continued)
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