Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Life is Beautiful 360.

Ram was very happy after hearing Vasanthy's voice.He was also longing to see her.The real love and affection no one can explain.Ram and Vasanthy's love is pure ,understanding and above all genuine.
Some times Ram used to feel if she comes to know that he has not read her two earlier letters which she has written.He does not know what those letters contains..Ram was confident time will solve that.By that time call came from Sulaiman.
Ram,how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Tell me.
Sulaiman.Today we have sent a letter to Nirmala to send her Pass port details.We are calling for one month training to Abudhabi.Our management liked her way of reporting.Thank you once again for given a good canditate for us.
Ram.I should thank you.When she will come to the Capitol.
Sulaiman.With in 15days.We are calling some more people for this training.
Ram.Nice.Happy to see  your paper is expanding.
Sulaiman.By the god's grace our circulation is increasing.Your advertisements  also one reason.
Ram.Thank you for your compliment.
Sulaiman. During our training programme you and Atkinson should come here.
Ram.Certainly,it is our pleasure.
Sulaiman.Bye ,now.
After that Ram received a call from Murthy.
Ram,a good news .Nirmala is going to attend her training programme in UAE.
Ram.Just now Sulaiman spoke to me.Nirmala is a smart girl.She will have bright future in this Organisation.
Murthy.All with your blessings Ram.Your hand is a lucky hand.
Murthy.O.K.Bye now.wanted to inform this good news to you.
After that  Ram was busy with his work till lunch time.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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