Monday, February 6, 2017

Tribute to Writer S.Ramakrishnan 441.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personalty who has  created a big impact both in Tamil literature world as well film field is none other than Versatile writer S.Ramakrishnan.Known for his short stories ,plays ,essays, Novels  and above all film dialoques.He was bestowed many awards for his creations and many of his works translated to other languages is  worth to be mentioned here.I read few of his stories  viz,Veliyil oruvan,and Balya nadhi,His Contribution as a dialoque writer for many pictures is laudable.Few films like Baba,Bheema,Popcarn ,Avan ivan,and remarkable Sandakozhi, He hails from the famous place Mallankinaru  from  Virudhunagar  district ,Tamil nadu.
Today i am happy to tribute this multi  talented writer who has earned a good name  both from his readers as well  film field.
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