Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Life is Beautiful 361.

Every day the air port traffic in Dubai is increasing and recent months this has proved.Both International and Emirates was busy because of international traffic.This is mainly due to Career opportunity .tourism and above all trading.There is no surprise more than two hundred nationalities living in this peaceful  city and other emirates in the UAE  Because there is no threat for the existing people to leave.Arabs are known for their hospitality and humbleness.Prasanna was waiting in the Emirates terminal expecting a Visitor from Germany. While waiting he was going through Gulfnews
the leading National news paper of Dubai.Shocked to read the recent incident of Kansas shooting of young engineerfrom Andhra Pradesh.He felt very sad for this and why Americans behave like this.
By that time he received a call,Kathambari was on the other line
Hello,Prasanna your guest has come
Prasanna.No,the flight was late by half an hour.Due to some technical problem it was delayed in Frank furt.
Kathambari.Why i called , mumma is planning to invite Ram the Coming friday for lunch.You can call Ram and tell.I am in Trade Centre for a meeting.
Prasanna.O.K.i will call .
After that Prasanna was looking at  his watch.Still fifteen minutes was there.
He thought of going for a cup of tea near the restaurant.
By that time Some body was calling
When he turned he was surprised.Ali was standing
Hello sir,
Prasanna.How come you are here
Ali.Mr Atkinson's relative is coming from Germany.I came to receive him.
Prasanna.I see,
By that time the announcement came for the arrival of the  flight they are waiting for.
(to be continued)
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