Friday, July 7, 2017


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 8 July 17The got it done
The much awaited GST by the Indian National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, president Pranab Mukherjee and Modi inaugurated the new GST concept. Even though opposition parties have passed the bill, they have boycotted the function. The previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government claimed the GST was initiated by their period and the present government is taking the credit by introducing it. However, they have initiated the proposal, but it was not implemented. Now with many modifications, the NDA has introduced it. The GST introduction is a timely one as India is emerging into many reforms with global support. Whichever party introduced it, it is for the development of the country and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. By passing all the differences of opinion, Modi and his team successfully launched GST. As the government has introduced the tax with a good motive, there may be some obstacles, but in the long run, this GST is going to be welcomed by all. We will have to wait and see the implications of the GST?
From Mr K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

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