Monday, July 10, 2017

Tribute to Late Photographer T.Kasi Nath 463.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality who inspired thousands of fans  through his wonderful work is none other than Late Photographer T.Kasinath.In his earlier days inspired by his father's profession of Photography Kasinath took a likingfor photography.With out much advancement in cameras  he has taken films and created a very big impact in those days  is  not an exaggerated one.Started his career with a Kannada daily as photographic reporter and made a good begining.Later he served   in Ministry Of Information and Broadcasting and liked by one and  all.He was looking after the tourist publicity and development and developed tourism.Later he was promoted as Editor (Photographics.)He was also honured from  Kodak Colur Laboratory in U.K.
and spent couple of months is laudable.Also he visited Belgium   Gevaert factory and also Agfa Colur factory in Germany speaks about his Quality work.He was bestowed the famous Padma Shree award and won many Honurs is worth to be mentioned here.One of the rare talented Photographer gave many remarkable pictures.I have been repeatedly telling in this column , in any walks of line  if a person  does a good job  he/she should be recoganized is my conviction.Even though he has struggled in his earlier days Kasinath become an international legend in Photography made Karnataka more proud.Today i am very happy to tribute this Great Legend in Photography who has not only inspired  but also delivered to Thousands of People ,particularly Tourism area.  Even though he is not with us his memorable work and achievements in front of us.
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