Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Life is Beautiful 381

Ram turned to the person and surprised.It was Anandarao was standing
How are you Mr Ananda rao,pleasant surprise.When did you come to Dubai
Ananda rao.Two days back.I wanted to call you ,but due to some work i could n't.How are you
Ram.I am fine.Me and Prasanna came here after having lunch
Anandarao.Good thing i met you here.I am sending you and Prasanna the invitation of my son's engagement ceremony on friday
Ram.Nice to hear.Where is the venue.
Ananda rao.In our house in Dubai.The girl is working here in the media city.Her parents also here.You have to come on that day
Prasanna.It is a good news.We will come
Anandarao.You have to bring Kathambari and mother in law Invitation .I will mail your i.d.
We will meet on friday.Bye now
After that they came to Prasanna's car
While goingRam
Prasanna i thought i can come to your place for lunch on friday which is pending for long time
Prasanna.True.This function also very important
Ram.Ananda rao is a very nice person and a good friend of mine.He was awarded for his research work from C.F.T,R,I.We all will attend this function.
Prasanna.I will tell my mother in law about this development.
Ram.What ever we plan  with out his blessings nothing will happen
Prasanna.You mean God
Ram.Yes,we have to believe in that.
Prasanna.My mother used to tell  the same thing.
Ram. when  ever i talk with people i always tell if god's willing i can come or attend  the function if they invite me.I strongly believe in this philosophy
Prasanna.I too sir
By the time they reached Ram's house
(to be continued)
See You Next week)

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